Our Erasmus + LORESU is a multidisciplinary project which has a big variety of activities which deals with Literature, Arts, History, Geography and Biology.

Fuerteventuras was named BIOSPHERE RESERVE in May 2009 due to its Cultural values, ethnological, natural, marine, landscape and geology, and the commitment of the island of Fuerteventura with renewable energy, water management, or a responsible fishing.

The love we feel for our environment has done that the flora and fauna take an important role on our Project. We are very grateful to the ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT OF  FUERTEVENTUTA COUNCIL COUNCIL. Its representant, Natalia Évora and the expert on Environmental Education Mónica Barrera have supported our proiect and have been really involved in our initiative.

On January, 23rd, we visited OASIS PARK FUERTEVENTURA  where we learned the importance of taking care and preservation of the flora and fauna. Then, on the 24th, the ENVIRONMENTAL DEPARTMENT OF  FUERTEVENTURA COUNCIL organised a very amazing activity in Jandía where we realed a loggerhead turtle. The representant of the Environmental Department and the expert explained us the importance of the humeral, they work in trying to recuperate the tutles and the ir programme of extension of the reproductive habitat of the loggerhead turtle in the Macaronesia.

The main aim with the release of the turtle ,which was called LORESU, was to make people aware of the fragility of the marine world.

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Fuerteventura is the oldest island in the Canaries. The importance of its geology has been also an important issue in order to have been named Biosphere Reserve. For this reason we visited Ajuy which has been a natural monument since 1994 due to the fact that in this place the oldest rocks of the Canary Islands are located and which tell us the history of the origin and formation of Fuerteventura more than 70 millions years ago.

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img-20190124-wa0055 20190126_123400

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