La poeta grancanaria Natalia Sosa Ayala, protagonista del Día de las Letras  Canarias 2021 | La Revista de Canarias

Students of 1 ESO A, B, C, D, E and students who belong to the ERASMUS + PROJECT LORESU have organized and have participated in this event creating an exhibition with the biografies and pieces of different Canarian writes works paying special attention to NATALIA SOSA AYALA.

Thank you very much to the teachers Marita de Léon and Chamaida Torres, coordinators of the project MU-LEE-Y 3.0 and Carolina Ramos, coordinator of the Project Erasmus+ LORESU spreading the Canarian literature at IES LA OLIVA.

On February 21st, we celebrate the THE DAY OF THE CANARIAN WRITERS. The Canarian Government has decided to set this day to commemorate all the Canarian writers who have helped to develop and spread the culture in and of our Islands.
This year NATALIA SOSA AYALA has been chosen as a relevant figure of the Canarian literature not only in Canary Islands but also in the Spanish literature.

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josefina de la torre

On February 21st, we celebrate the THE DAY OF THE CANARIAN WRITERS. The Canarian Government has decided to set this day to commemorate all the Canarian writers who have helped to develop and spread the culture in and of our Islands.
This year  JOSEFINA DE LA TORRE MILLARES has been chosen as a relevant figure of the Canarian literature not only in Canary Islands but also in the Spanish literature.

As it has been a tradition at IES LA OLIVA, we have celebrated this day at our library where students have read poems written by JOSEFINA DE LA TORRE MILLARES writer honored in this edition and also extracts of some novels by BENITO PÉREZ GALDÓS (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 10/5/1843- Madrid 4/1/1920) whose 100 years of his death is being celebrated in all Spain.

Josefina de la Torre Millares                            Benito Pérez Galdós

Students of 1 ESO and students who belong to the ERASMUS + PROJECT LORESU have organized and have participated in this event with the reading of poems written by Josefina de la Torre Millares and extracts of the works written by Benito Pérez Galdós.

Thank you very much to the teachers Marita de Léon and Chamaida Torres, coordinators of the project MU-LEE-Y and Carolina Ramos, coordinator of the Project Erasmus+ LORESU for organizing this event.


20191125_160329November 25th is the INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINTS WOMEN. This is theb reason why this has been the 2nd year that our ERASMUS + Project LORESU has organised an event which paid homage to the 51 women who has been killed this year 2019.

all the students and teachers at IES LA OLIVA went in to RAÍZ DEL PUEBLO theater to enjoy this show where students and teachers performed a play (students of 4th ESO), RAPS(students of 1st ESO A and D), Reading of letters to an abuse man created and read by Lucía and Mikel (1st ESO), Rayco, Marita, Rodrigo and Haniel performed a sketch titled » Nada Extraordinario», Angeline with the song «Warrior» by Demi Lovato and Yolanda with the song «Hasta que la muerte nos separe» by Melendi put the musical note together with the high school chorus which sang the song » by Bebé. The students of 1st BAC María, Pablo and Nicole read the Manifest and Zara and Gonzalo were the presenters of this event. Marita read a poem called » Cuéntame un cuento» and also, during this show, videos against the gender violence were seen.

At the end of the event, the Council man of La Oliva Town Hall gave the 2nd and 3rd prizes of the contest » The International Day for the Elimination of Violence againts Women» which were won by two students of IES LA OLIVA, Laia and Naima. Thank you to the Arts teacher Bene for encouraging his students to take part of this contest.


Thank you very much to all the students and teachers for their cooperation for thsi event to have been a success (Rayco, Marita, Chamaida, Pino, Lucy, Carolina, Paula and Antonio).

25N IES La Oliva (2)

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Resultado de imagen de dia internacional de las bibliotecas" On October 24th the International Library Day is celebrated. Following the tradition, at IES LA OLIVA to commemorate this day RED BIBESCAN together with the ERASMUS + Project LORESU have planned several activities which have been celebrated at our LIBRARY at the break time. Students from 1st ESO and other groups have decorated the doors of their classes after a book.

IMG_20191024_190753_341 IMG_20191029_201449_688   IMG_20191029_200933_105

IMG_20191029_200837_849 20191024_155949   IMG_20191029_200346_577(1)

Students, who will take part on the next mobilities included in our LORESU Project, have chosen fragments of the works written by authors from the countries which take part in aour ERASMUS+ Project: Croatia, Italy, Spain, Poland and Portugal.

Students also read 3 traditional legends from Fuerteventura: The legend of the Mafasca Light, the Legend of Ayose and Guise and the Legend of the Laurinaga curse.  The biography and works of two Canary writers were also read : Pepa Aurora and Lola Suárez.

The students also enjoyed watching THE FANTASTIC FLYING BOOKS OF MR. MORRIS LESSMORE.

During this two weeks we have enjoed the exhibition of Canary writers and we have honored the 15 women who have won the NOBEL PRIZE OF LITERATURE decoreting the door of our library with their photos.

20191102_231928(1)      20191024_155949





IMG_20191025_180033_553(1) Thank you very much to Marta Nistal Andrés ,who is the rsponsible of the Reading and School Libraries of the CEP Puerto del Rosario (Education Department of the Canary Islands Government, for coming to the clsosing event. We are very grateful for your support the RED BIBESCAN at IES LA OLIVA and also for your support to our ERASMUS + LORESU.


Thank you to the students of 1st BAC A and B ,who will take part in the next mobilities of our LORESU project, for organising and participating to the WEEK OF THE SCHOOL LIBRARY.



Our MOBILITY IN POLAND will be unforgettable as our MOBILITY IN CROATIA and the visit of our partners here in FUERTEVENTURA. These experiences have changed our lives.

During the week from october 7th to 12th we had the chance to know the high school of our Polish partners I LICEUM OGÓLNOSKSZTALCACE IM.14 PULKU POWSTANCOW and we could see how their students and teachers work there. Many activities were organised by the Polish team. Among them, LET’S WATCH LORESU FESTIVAL FILM awards where the video presented by IES LA OLIVA got the 2nd PRIZE. Congratulations to the PORTUGUESE TEAM who got the 1st PRIZE.

During a beautiful ceremony all the videos which each country of our LORESU Project made were watched.

Congratulations to Alani, Natalia, Soraya and Matilda. The prize was given by David Leça (LORESU General Coordinator) and Dominika Sidor (LORESU Poland Coordinator).

Congratulations to Rayco Rodríguez, our Music teacher and composer of the soundtrack of our video which was played by Rayco, the students who took part in this mobility and Carolina Ramos (LORESU Spain Coordinator).

FB_IMG_1572712423460 Congrats to the PORTUGUESE TEAM for the 1st PRIZE.

Other activities we did in our mobility:

  • Cooking class with the famous Polish chef Remigiusz Raczka

  • Visit to Auschwitz and Krakow

  • Visit to Katowice: Museum of Silesia, Nikiszowiec and Guido mine
  • Crossing borders. Visit to Cieszyn( Czech republic), hicking in the mountains (Bielsko-Biala and Szyndzielnia)

  • Participation Certificates and farewell


Our 3rd mobility took place in Poland under the name of CROSSING BORDERS, CROSSING CULTURES- EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE.

The Polish teachers organised a great variety of activities which made this trip an unforgettable experience. Thank you very much to all of them and special thanks to the Polish Coordinator Dominika sidor.


Day 1 (7/10/2019): Welcome by the Principal, trip around the school,teachers’ meetings, workshops for the students, Lunch and visit the town with Actionbound. Dancing classes. Thank you to our teacher DOMINIKA BRZOZA-PIPREK who taught us some typical Polish dances. Welcome dinner.


From October 5th to October 13th 2019 the students Alani, Matilda, Natalia and Soraya togethet with the teachers Antonio, Paula and Carolina went to Poland to take part in the 3rd mobility of the ERASMUS + Proyect LORESU – Let’s  Study Local and Regional Subjects at School. The host high school I LICEUM OGÓLNOKSZTALCACE IM 14 PULKU POWSTANCOW located in Wodzislaw Slaski were waitingwith open arms for us and the rest of the teams from Croatia, Italy and Poland.









In our case, we had to start our trip on October 5th because we had to spend one night in Bergamo (Italy) and from there we travelled to Katowice on sunday 6th. Thank you very much to our students families for their support and love given to us.

In the morning of the 6th of October and the afternoon of the 12th of October we visited Bergamo and we also visited a exhibition.

Great surprise and happiness when we met at the airport of Bergamo the ERASMUS + from CEIP EL TOSTÓN. We travelled together back to Fuerteventura.

20191013_092929 (1)

Once we arrived to Poland, the Polish students and their families were waiting for us and our students were hosted by them in this wonderful expereinece.


We are really grateful to all the Polish teachers for their great work, hospitality and love.


In our project LORESU we have included the ART MADE IN THE CANARY ISLANDS and also the CANARY ARTISTS because we are aware of the importance of art in our culture. Thanks to this ERASMUS projects, our students have been able to know the art done in and for the Canaries. We are really grateful to the CENTRO DE ARTE – CASA MANÉ located in La Oliva where our students have learnt and enjoyed the paintings and sculptures created by Canary artists. CENTRO DE ARTE – CASA MANÉ has always collaborated with pur ERASMUS + LORESU so just to say thank you for your help and kindness with IES LA OLIVA.

Puerto del Rosario, the capital city of Fuerteventura, has become an OUTDOOR MUSEUM because all along and around the city there are many sculptures and murals made by Canary artists which impress the the local inhabitants as well as our visitors.

TOÑO PATALLO is an artits who was born in Gran Canaria in 1950 but he moved to Fuerteventura in 1957. He is one of the most importants artist not only in Fuerteventura, but also in all the Canary Islands and in the Spanish Mainland. Patallo has devored his life to the art (sculptures and paintings) and also he has been an Arts teacher and he is a member of the Royal Canary Accademy of Arts.

Toño Patallo accepted the invitation that LORESU to monitor a workshop of  Arts with students of the 4ESO group.

We are very grateful to Toño Patallo for havng accepted our invitation and also thank you very much to our Art teacher Bene for his collaboration.

Information about Toño Patallo (Spanish version)

Toño Patallo web

Centro de Arte- Casa Mané (Spanish version)


Toño Patallo at IES LA OLIVA

Sculpture Park in Puerto del Rosario

Murals in Puerto del Rosario


Ver las imágenes de origen

On June, 14th students who take part in the ERASMUS + Project LORESU visited FEAGA which is located in Pozo Negro and where local and regional products from the Canary Islands are shown and where our agriculture and  livestock are the mainly attraction. The Local Council of Fuerteventura organises this event every year and the citizens can taste and know the Canary products.

During the visit, the students took photos and interview some people and this material will be use to show our traditions in our next mobilities.

For further information about FEAGA, click here (Spanish version) 

Thank you very much to the students from 4 ESO B and 1ST BAC for their participation and great work they have done.


logo erasmus com linhas.300 (1).png                     bandra canarias

On May 30th the CANARY DAY is celebrated. The Day of the Canary Islands (Día de las Canarias) is a public holiday the Canary Islands, Spain, on May 30 each year. This event celebrates the islands’ culture. It also commemorates the autonomous Canary Islands Parliament’s first session on May 30, 1983.

The Statute of the Canary Islands was published on August 10th 1982 and, like many of the other statutes in  other regions of Spain, wanted to give the islands more autonomy within the country. The first Canary Parliament was chaired by Pedro Guerra Cabrera.

From the Second Republic, the Canary Islands had tried to have more autonomy, however due to the Spanish Civil War and and Franco Dictatorship, it was not until 46 years after, when Canary Islands could have and own Government on August 10th 1983 once the Dictatorship had finished.



IES LA OLIVA is going to celebrate the CANARY DAY with many activities and events. Due to our ERASMUS + PROJECT LORESU – Let’s Study Local and Regional Subjects at School, students of 3RD ESO A, 4TH ESO B and 1ST BAC A and B have been working in April and May in English subject and with the teacher Carolina Ramos on different topics about the Canary heritage.  The CANARY FLORA has been worked by the students of 3rd ESO, the CANARY FAUNA and the ART MADE IN THE CANARIES have been dealt by the 4th ESO group and finally the students of 1st BAC A and B have been looking for information about the TRADITIONAL CANARY CRAFT WORKS. All these projects and works have been exhibited in our high school where the rest of students and teachers will be able to enjoy them. Moreover, these students have recorded videos about these topics which are going to be watched during the CANARY WEEK.

Also from RED BIBESCAN workshops about the CANARY LEXICON and the way the CANARY PEOPLE SPEAK will be hold.  The work about the CANARY WRITERS made by the students of 2nd ESO through the MULEEY PROJECT directed by  the teacher Marita de León will be shown again.



Our high school has also organised different visits to celebrate this day. In May, the students and some teachers visited the CRAFTS FAIR in Antigua and in June FEAGA, the Livestock and fishing Agriculture fair will be also visited.On May 29th, THE CANARY DAY will be celebrated in our high school. That day we will enjoy with our gastronomy, dances and songs and our students will lead some workshops about our  local sports. Moreover, our students will be able to be  creative when they make the decoration of  our playground with Canary motifs.

RADIOLIVA is preparing a special radio programme about the CANARY DAY.

If you want to see the videos made by our students of 1st BAC A and B about the TRADITIONAL CANARY CRAFT WORKS, click here.


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