20191125_160329November 25th is the INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINTS WOMEN. This is theb reason why this has been the 2nd year that our ERASMUS + Project LORESU has organised an event which paid homage to the 51 women who has been killed this year 2019.

all the students and teachers at IES LA OLIVA went in to RAÍZ DEL PUEBLO theater to enjoy this show where students and teachers performed a play (students of 4th ESO), RAPS(students of 1st ESO A and D), Reading of letters to an abuse man created and read by Lucía and Mikel (1st ESO), Rayco, Marita, Rodrigo and Haniel performed a sketch titled » Nada Extraordinario», Angeline with the song «Warrior» by Demi Lovato and Yolanda with the song «Hasta que la muerte nos separe» by Melendi put the musical note together with the high school chorus which sang the song » by Bebé. The students of 1st BAC María, Pablo and Nicole read the Manifest and Zara and Gonzalo were the presenters of this event. Marita read a poem called » Cuéntame un cuento» and also, during this show, videos against the gender violence were seen.

At the end of the event, the Council man of La Oliva Town Hall gave the 2nd and 3rd prizes of the contest » The International Day for the Elimination of Violence againts Women» which were won by two students of IES LA OLIVA, Laia and Naima. Thank you to the Arts teacher Bene for encouraging his students to take part of this contest.


Thank you very much to all the students and teachers for their cooperation for thsi event to have been a success (Rayco, Marita, Chamaida, Pino, Lucy, Carolina, Paula and Antonio).

25N IES La Oliva (2)

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